What to expect

My intention is to help you learn about computers without overwhelming with too much information. As such, this book is not going to go into advanced computer techniques. I promise I will not use any highly technical mumbo jumbo or arcane acronyms, unless I fully explain them. This ebook will enable you to take care of basic problems and perform basic maintenance. It will help you overcome any fears you may have of computers. I hope to demystify this whole computer deal in plain words.  And finally, because the world of technology and computers is so wide so quickly changing, we will talk about when is the best time to turn over your computer to an expert.

So, take a look at the index to get an idea of what we will be covering. Feel free to jump around as needed, or read this book all the way through. As long as you are getting the information you need, there is no wrong way to do it.

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